Who: Taco Bell & Octagon activate a VR Arcade pop-up. 

Location: New York City, NY

Designed Experience: To tease Taco Bell's new Big Box Meal and a revolutionary yet-to-be-released Sony PlayStation VR, a 2-day VR Arcade experience pop-up surprises and delights the SoHo area of NYC. Visitors are offered a vision into Taco Bell's future of gaming through a unique, first-time demonstration. Taco art covers a futuristic, light-filled world where emoji hieroglyphics allude to the communication style of tomorrow. See-through and LED-lit word art lines the room while brand colors envelope the space. Light, dimension, and perspective, all central themes to virtual reality, are brought to life in playful ways throughout the environment. Lucky visitors enjoy a fun-filled, unique opportunity to try out a new, trans-formative consumer electronics product and enjoy a great meal from a beloved food brand.

Results: 2500+ visitors, 3500+ samples distributed, and earned media from major outlets.