Who: Taco Bell & Octagon activate at VidCon 2016. 

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, CA

Designed Experience: Through a 3-part interactive experience, we bring to life a Taco Bell, pop-art wonderland that delivers delight, organic content, community art, and authentic brand love. Graphic artists illustrate customized Snapchat geofilters as takeaways for VidCon guests. The Snapchat geofilters are publicly available at locations and dates chosen by guests to use and share. Participants pose for photos that convert into DIY keychain keepsakes, and copies of the photos are added to a large, flag installation created by the community. Photos combine to reveal Taco Bell’s new logo and colors. On the final day, the completed flag is raised and soars above. A film crew, live actors, and a full working studio invite guests to play a wild improv game, inspired by Taco Bell sauce packets. Fans engage with the brand and generate online video content for Taco Bell’s official YouTube channel.

Results: 22000+ interactions and visits, 1200+ customized Snapchat geofilters, 8000+ photos, 250+ videos from the Sauce Packet Studios, and 1 oversized Taco Bell flag made up of 700+ individual photos.